• Membership of SEDMED is limited to those individuals who are in the regular and full time employment of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Republic of South Africa, Namibia and Lesotho, and those who are entitled to enjoy SAU pension benefits after having retired from the employ of the organisation.
    • SEDMED also provides benefits to the members’ registered/qualifying dependants.
    • Members and registered dependants are referred to as Beneficiaries (See Definition of Dependant).
    Please note: it is illegal for an individual to be a member of, or a registered dependant of a member, of more than one medical scheme
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  • A newly appointed regular full time employee who is a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is expected to become a member of SEDMED unless he or she can provide proof of being a member or registered dependant of a member of another medical scheme.

    In order to become a member, the employee must complete an Application Form and submit it without delay, together with all other relevant documents as indicated on the form, where applicable. The Application Form is available from the employer or may be downloaded from this website:

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  • Employees who retire from the employ of the Organisation and who meet the qualifying requirements are entitled to enjoy the SAU SEDMED retirement benefit.  Employees who intend to retire and who meets the qualifying requirements must advise SEDMED in advance of their intention to retire. SEDMED must be contacted to provide the qualifying members with a new Application Form for retirees.

    This does not mean to say that there is a change in his or her SEDMED membership or benefits, but SEDMED requires the new form for record purposes and for processing the arrangements surrounding the payment of subsidies on contributions.

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  • In the event of a new member or dependant not having been registered with another medical scheme immediately prior to joining SEDMED certain waiting periods will be applicable.

    Such waiting periods may be a general waiting period of three months (during which no benefits will be granted) and/or a pre-existing condition specific waiting period of twelve (12) months (where a beneficiary suffers from a pre-existing condition(s) no benefit will be granted for this/these condition(s) during the first 12 months of membership).

    SEDMED will provide each member with the details of any waiting period on their membership certificate, once the membership has been underwritten and loaded.
  • If you have a complaint relating to the conduct or services of the Scheme, you may lodge a complaint, in writing, with the Principal Officer of the Scheme. The complaint will be referred to the Scheme’s independent Complaints Committee for adjudication. As a member, you have the right to be heard at the proceedings, in person or be represented by another party. If you are not satisfied with the finding of the Complaints Committee, you may appeal your case to the Council for Medical Schemes.


    This form must be completed by both the applicant and the treasurer of the employing organization (Retirees are provided with a different form directly from SEDMED). All the requested details must be provided and the form must be signed by both the applicant and the treasurer as indicated.


    Please provide all the information required.


    In the event that a child dependant is to be registered, attention must be paid to the notes accompanying that section of the application form. The child must actually be a child of the member, must have been legally adopted by the member, must be a stepchild or must be a legally placed foster child. (A foster child is usually placed into the care of the foster parents for a limited period of time and once this period expires the child is no longer regarded as the legal responsibility of the foster parents and must be deregistered as a dependant.) A dependant child is not yet 21 years old AND DOES NOT earn a regular income equivalent to or more than the maximum social pension per month, or the child must be a full time student not yet 26 years old, or the child must be physically or mentally disabled. Documentary proof must be provided in all cases. Please also refer to the Definition Section below for definition of “Dependant”.


    This form MUST be completed for each beneficiary. Failure to disclose pertinent information may lead to claims being rejected at a later stage.


    A separate form must be completed for each beneficiary. The upper section of the form is to be completed and signed by the relevant beneficiary who requires chronic medication or treatment. The lower part is to be completed and signed by his/her regular physician. SEDMED will not consider the payment of any chronic benefits without being in possession of the required Registration Form. When necessary this form needs to be replaced with updated information.


    It is of the utmost importance that an applicant include in his/her application documents, proof of prior membership and period of such membership, of any medical scheme, either as principal member or as a dependant (see Waiting Periods below). This requirement does not apply to Retirees as they would previously have been members of SEDMED.

  • Dear Sedmed Member

    Exciting News! Sedmed has launched its mobile app which is which available to download on the various App stores (Google, Apple and Huawei).

    The Application provides the members of Sedmed with key features to enhance their member experience. Members will be able to access their electronic membership card and share it via email or other social media platforms. Members can also access their personal information, claims history, benefit limits, statements, tax certificates, general correspondence and push notifications. The app further provides a hospital and pharmacy search engine to enable members to navigate to the nearest hospitals or pharmacies closest to their current location.

    To download the app please go to your app or play store an search for Sedmed.

    Once you downloaded the app, you will be required to register and verify your details.

    Please note the following steps when registering on the mobile app:
    • Members who have existing login details on the Sedmed web page, must use their current login details to log onto the mobile app. If you have forgotten your password, you will have the option to reset your password.
    • If you have not registered as a user on the Sedmed web page, then please register on the mobile app by using your member number, email, and ID currently loaded on your member profile with Sedmed.
    • Once you have registered on the mobile app, please enable your phone location under your phone settings. This is required for the "Search Provider" function to work.
    • Please also allow push notifications for the Sedmed app, under your phones app notification setting. This will allow you to receive any push notifications sent from the Scheme.
    We believe this application will add value to your member experience and we look forward to receiving your feedback.

    Should you have any queries, you may contact the office at 051 4478991 or email

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This website contains a summary of the benefits offered by SEDMED. It does not replace the registered rules of the Fund, but attempts to summarise important information. Therefore, should a dispute arise, the rules of the Fund will apply, and not this website.

This is ultimately your medical fund and therefore you need to know how it operates, how to utilise it responsibly and how you can benefit from it. Please refer to your membership guide and this website to obtain information about your overall health care benefits.