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Providing medical aid benefits specifically and exclusively for the Seventh-day Adventist Church

SEDMED is a medical scheme that provides medical aid benefits specifically and exclusively for individuals (and their registered / qualifying dependants) who are in the regular and full time employment of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Republic of South Africa, Namibia and Lesotho, and those who are entitled to enjoy SAU pension benefits after having retired from the employ of the organisation.

We are required to function within the provisions of the Medical Schemes Act and Regulations of South Africa (131 of 1998, as amended) and within the scope of the registered SEDMED Rules, but we aim to do so with fairness, compassion and consistency, whilst striving to provide the best possible benefits at affordable contribution rates.

SEDMED enjoys Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) accreditation as a compliant self-administered medical scheme


SEDMED also provides benefits to the members' immediate dependants registered with SEDMED.

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Benefits & Cover

If required, accounts must be paid in full by the member and submitted together with receipts to SEDMED for processing

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Members are encouraged not to claim for non-essential medical services or products, and to manage their medical expenses as best they can in order to curtail expenses as far as possible, so that contributions may remain as low as possible.

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This website contains a summary of the benefits offered by SEDMED. It does not replace the registered rules of the Fund, but attempts to summarise important information. Therefore, should a dispute arise, the rules of the Fund will apply, and not this website.

This is ultimately your medical fund and therefore you need to know how it operates, how to utilise it responsibly and how you can benefit from it. Please refer to your membership guide and this website to obtain information about your overall health care benefits.